William Morris Fabrics  & Wallpaper

Kingsgate Furniture are proud to announce that we can now make any piece of our upholstery in the beautiful William Morris ranges of fabrics.

 William Morris (1834-1896)  was the single most influential designer of the nineteenth century, and today is one of the best known of all British designers he was also a writer and poet.

William Morris become most famous for his beautifully designed wallpapers and textiles which are timeless in the designs and colours not looking out of place in our homes today.

The Fabrics we use on our furniture are authentic versions of his deigns and also 
new interpretations using new production techniques keeping the fabrics up to date with his timeless deigns.
Strawberry thief is one of his most famous designs This image is taken from a piece on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London

 Kingsgate Furniture can upholster any piece of furniture in William Morris Fabrics you can also order matching Wallpaper to complete the timeless look.



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