Friday, 14 December 2012

Christmas Red Chesterfield

Chesterfield with a modern twist 

This week we have made  a beautiful Christmas Red Cambridge Chesterfield with a plain back which gives this model a completely new look 

to view this model but with buttons please view our website 

History of the Porters Chair

Porters Chair 

This is a beautiful porters chair that we have just made for one our customers in bright red leather for further information please view our website on the following link

History of the Porters Chair

A porter's chair was a type of chair used in medieval England and later France. Usually formed in a high-grade leather or red velvet.
  It was placed by the front door of an estate or home for use by a gatekeeper servant who was in charge of screening guests and visitors. This was necessary since the door knocker might not be heard throughout the house.
Since there were often cold breezes near a front door, the chair was designed to envelop and keep the servant relatively warm in his task of remaining at the door for long periods. It is best described as a hollowed-out egg shape, very high and enclosed back, standing on end, four legs, with handrests and usually with a notch for a lantern at the side, allowing the person to sink back into it out of the wind and await visitors' knocks. (Notable current survivors exist at the London Branch of the Bank of England,).
  Some of these chairs were equipped with drawers underneath – where supplies or even hot coals could be kept

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

New Range of Cabinets & Desks

Cabinets & Desk

Kingsgate Furniture are proud to announce that we will shortly be introducing a new range of 
Cabinets & Desks into our range to compliment our upholstered furniture all produced in England
using the finest materials. for more details check our website in the next few weeks.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

New Sign Written Van

Kingsgate Furniture have a lovely new 62 plate van 
Have your furniture delivered in the in style in our lovely new VAN!

For all deliveries in the South East of England we will be using our lovely new van have your furniture delivered in style !

Monday, 22 October 2012

order now for Christmas

Christmas Delivery 

Order your furniture now for delivery before Christmas 

its a dogs life

It's a Dogs Life

I think our pets love the furniture we produce as much if not more than us as sometimes it proves difficult to get a seat but they look very comfortable.

Harvey the Black Lab on HIS chair nobody else is allowed he will push you off.

Bobby the terrier sleeping like a pup as Alexander would say well this is a 3 seater budge up!

for more dog friendly items to keep your best friends happy view our website 

Friday, 12 October 2012

Free Box Pouffee with legs

Autumn Offer 

For all furniture orders received for £1500.00 or more you will receive a free matching Box Pouffe with legs

offer excludes any stock clearance models
£1500 is the furniture price and excludes and shipping or carriage charges.
offer is valid from 12/10/2012 - 21-12-2012

Friday, 28 September 2012

Kingsgate Furniture

Kingsgate Furniture 

Kingsgate Furniture specialise in the production of high class bespoke upholstery made in leather or fabric all made to order in England by our skilled craftsmen using only the finest materials available.

Our frames are all solid beech we only use the finest leathers available for that added touch of luxury we also have a range of Faux leather and fabrics to choose from alternatively you can supply your own cover for upholstery for a personal touch.

If you are looking for a leather colour and want to match it to your curtains, Carpet or wallpaper or even Paint please send us a sample through the post alternatively bring it along to our factory showroom and we will get a close match for you.

All of the furniture we produce is hand made each hide is carefully checked and any not meeting our high standards will be rejected our leather is then cut to a pattern by hand.

 We also machine all of the leather and fabric using industrial sewing machines the cushions are machined round a couple of times to make the seams stronger and to prevent the cushion seams splitting.

Kingsgate Furniture has won the BIDA award for outstanding design on our Royal Chelsea Chesterfield at the Decorex Exhibition Chelsea London.

Kingsgate Furniture specialise in Chesterfield Sofas, Wing Chairs, Tub Chairs, Club Chairs, and Bespoke Seating units.

If you have a picture or a design idea for a piece of furniture that you would like to have made please contact us.

You are welcome to visit our factory and showroom in Broadstairs Kent where you will be able to see various pieces of furniture being produced in different stages of production you can also look around our showroom and view the many leather and fabric colours available.

Our Factory and showroom are open Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm 
Weekends by appointment only.

For further information or to just simply browse our full range please visit our website

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Individual Nails 

All of the furniture we produce is made with individual nails not strip studs

Leather Types

Aniline leather is the most natural looking, with natural surface visible, but is less resistant to soiling does tend to show marks which adds to it natural appearence

Semi-aniline leather is somewhere in-between on both counts, having a light surface coating making it slightly harder wearing than the Full Aniline leather.

Pull-up leather
 A leather with a natural appearance which lightens in colour when stretched giving the leather a natural aged effect which will lighten alot more during wear to produce a unique worn-in effect with time.

Antique Rub Off Leather A special temperary surface colour is added to the colour which is then antiqued (Rubbed off) by hand using a soultion which only removes the top coat which gives the perfect look for a traditional piece of furniture that has a 'worn' appearance. this leather is then lacquered to give it a sealed top coat this is a very hardwaring leather that is easy to look after.

About Our Leather Tub Chairs

Our leather tub chair collection is a mixture of classic and tradditional models and also contemporary designs. Our leather tub chairs are ideal for your own living rooms as well as more social environments such as Clubs Bars. If you are looking for bespoke high quality leather tub chairs look no further Kingsgate manufacture a huge range all made by hand in our own factory in Broadstairs England.

All of the furniture we produce is made to order in fabric or leather many of our clients choose to supply there own material for that added personal touch.  alternatively you can send you a piece of carpet curtain material and we will try to match the leather to your own sample.


Chesterfield Sofa Bed

When Chesterfield sofa were designed three hundred years ago nobody at the time could imagine that one day this beautiful sofa would be fitted with a bed inside but the progress of technology and invention of folded bed actions made this a reality.
Nowadays for people who live in apartments in the city centres with a limited space or people who are looking for a temporary comfortable bed for their overnight guests have the advantage of having a Chesterfield sofa which serves as a elegant and beautiful sofa during the day time and will turn to a comfortable bed at night time.
Our Chesterfield sofa beds are fitted with high quality three fold slated bed and sprung mattress. The Chesterfield 2-seater sofa bed is fitted with a single bed and the 3-seater sofa bed is fitted with a double bed.
We have made various sofa beds for high class hotels and the bed actions that we use are what are used on many high class cruise ships so this gives you some idea of the quality of the bed actions we use.

Our Bespoke Chesterfield Sofas

The early leather Chesterfield sofa had a rather rigid and uniform design with low back, same level arms and low seat but during years and decades the design and form of Chesterfield sofa evolved and diversified and sofas with wider arms or higher backs or with sloped arms or with legs appeared under the name of Chesterfield with some resemblances to the original design. Also the early Chesterfield sofas were made in very few distinct colours such as two toned brown, red or green but with progress in dying techniques leather Chesterfield sofas entered the market in large verity of leather colours and leather finishes and later on in various types of fabrics such as velvet and faux leather.
As a bespoke furniture manufacturer we offer all these possibilities in designs and colours to our customers and do our best to make sure the end product would be the pride and joy of our customers and suit their individual requirements.
All our Chesterfield sofas are made to order according to the individual taste and decisions made by customer. If you want the sofa wider, deeper, taller we are happy to follow suit. In addition all other details such as type and colour of leather, colour of the wooden parts, type of bun-feet or form of legs, choice of the fillings, colour of studs and so on is determined by yourselves.
If you had the possibility we recommend that you pay a visit to our show-room situated in our factory so we can discuss your requirements in details and show you different models which would be helpful for coming to a decision. In addition you would have access to a large collection of leathers and also fabrics in our show-room.
The choice of the leather for Chesterfield sofa is an important step so when you contact us please make sure you give the accurate description of the colours of your choice and also the type of leather (such as two toned, smooth, shiny, distressed, old looking etc.) so we can send you the right samples for your verification. We always try to send the large samples and as many samples as we can in order to give you a wider collection to choose from.

Apart from the leather quality which you would verify and approve by yourselves before you place an order it would be useful to mention that all our Chesterfield sofas are made with solid Beech Harwood frames (doweled and screwed), full hide upholstered with no splits, fire retardant foams, hand stuffed cushions, webbed base, individually hand studded and all furniture hand crafted by our craftsmen with lifetime experience in traditional and classic furniture.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Monday, 25 June 2012

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Funky St Moritz Chair in Apple Green and Fushia Piping and Buttons

Funky St Moritz Chairs in  Beige with Black Piping 

Monday, 28 May 2012

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Casino Side Chairs

Gaming Casino Chairs

Curved Sofa & High Stakes Casino Chairs 

Bespoke Casino Chairs Made to our customers own design and sizes to see more items view 

Parisian Chaise Longues in a Hotel Spa 
To View this model check out our website 

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Chesterfield Sofa made for little Britan on Tour 
by Kingsgate Furniture 

Chesterfield Sofa as Featured in EastEnders Supplied by Kingsgate Furniture
View some of the chairs we have produced for Guoman Grosvenor Hotel London in the Executive Lounge the Buttoned Back Chairs in Red and Chocolate brown were produced by Kingsgate Furniture

this is the the St Moritz Chair you can view this on

About our wing Chairs

The Chesterfield wingback chairs, a traditional style of chair, are probably the most picturesque of furniture pieces due to their distinct style with high back, winged arms and tall legs.
This chair feels most at home in living rooms, executive offices or study rooms but also it has the ability to look great anywhere due to their outstanding style and low space requirements.
The original wingback chairs were first introduced during the Victorian times and were made for a very specific reason and their initial purpose was to keep out the cold. Traditionally placed in front of a fire place, the back and wings and armrests worked as shield to keep the cold drafts out and to keep the heat in. The soft cushioned seat and soft backrest does ensure that the user could sit in the chair for long time without feeling ache and discomfort.
Our authentic leather wingback chairs are made by experienced craftsmen using the finest hardwood for the frame and best quality leather cut from full cow hides. All of our furniture including the wingback chairs made using traditional methods to insure durability and comfort.
Since we make the furniture according to the orders received therefore all the wingback chairs are fully customisable according to your choice of the type and colour of the leather, colour of the wooden parts, buttoning, studding, piping and other details.
Although the production of leather furniture is our main line of production but also we manufacture furniture including wingback chairs in fabrics if preferred by the customers. The customers can supply their own fabrics if they wish so but also we can suggest the fabrics and send samples by the post for approval. If you had the time to visit our showroom situated in our factory we have a large collection of leather and also fabrics which you can choose from.
In our web-site we have classified our wingback chairs within three categories according to their dimensions. The large wingback chairs which are more suitable for a large person, the medium size which are suitable for most people and the small wingback chairs which are more suitable for a petit person. If you do like a model but find its dimension not right for you, we can change the dimensions of most of our models to suit your requirements.

how to take care of leather

Care and maintenance of leather furniture
Leather furniture in a normal domestic environment requires little maintenance although obviously leather in lighter shades will need more attention. Regular care of leather does ensure its lasting quality and some general rules for regular cleaning and maintenance are as follows: •Clean the leather with a soft damp cloth taking care not to soak the leather
•For more thorough treatment the leather should be cleaned using a light soapy solution applied to the surface of the leather in circular motions until the dirty parts are clean. Repeat this process using clean water only
•After this treatment an approved leather conditioner can be used at intervals of about 3 – 6 months
•Do not use saddle soap, wax polishes or spray polishes
•Do not use any product or any method of cleaning not recommended by the manufacturer
•Do not let belts, buckles, studs and zips come into direct contact with the furniture
•Avoid drying out the leather by taking extra care where there is heating or an open fireplace
Different types of leather will have received different finishes so it is important that the customer always knows which hide has been used
Modern leather has a soft, glove-like feel and will maintain its suppleness. During the first few weeks of use, wrinkles and creases will form naturally. these are normal. They have been designed into the furniture to give a soft inviting look which is an inherent quality of leather upholstery.
These cleaning instructions do NOT apply to suede, nubuck and any other unprotected leathers.

History of the Chesterfield Sofa

Chesterfield sofa, this icon of the furniture world was commissioned and named by the fourth Earl of Chesterfield, Philip Stanhope (1694-1773), who was a known trendsetter of his time.

The Earl instructed a furniture maker to construct a leather sofa that its shape and style allowed people to sit upright and formal yet relaxed in a comfortable position.
The Chesterfield became a key piece of furniture during the Victorian era and were often found in the stately homes of the wealthy aristocracy and ever since has been part of interior design and fashion and always maintained a sense of class and tradition.
The design and style of Chesterfield sofa with its low back and distinctive deep buttoned leather upholstery and low seat base stood the test of time and this piece of classic furniture has become effectively timeless, and has not gone out of fashion in almost 300 years.
Throughout time, the Chesterfield sofa has come to represent different things to different people. From homes living rooms to gentleman’s clubs and from trendy wine bars and hotel lobbies to doctors waiting rooms Chesterfield sofas whether a classic leather chesterfield sofa, or a more contemporary fabric Chesterfield,
provides comfort, quality and durability coupled with style, originality and sophistication.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Midhurst Chair Buttoned Back Cushion Seat 
Burlington Settee Buttoned Back 
In leather and customers own material.
  Bespoke Curved sofa made for a Bedford lodge hotel in customers own material