Sorry its been some time since my last blog we have been busy working away here and haven't had time to keep you posted with news about our products.

 I must apologise for this but hopefully this will now change and we will try to do regular blogs to keep you up to date with news and help answer any questions you may have. 

The Reason for the delay in new postings is as we are a family run business it is very hands on here and we spend all of our spare time working on new models and dealing with customers. 

I would also like to say that Kingsgate Furniture pride themselves in making original pieces of upholstery and that we don't feel the need to copy models the distinctive chesterfields unique style and design is easily spotted when copied as are our unique Chaise longue's that we have produced for customers worldwide  including spas in Paris with our Parisian Chaise longue hence the name. 

Sometimes it is hard to tell the differences from a picture but when you deal with Kingsgate Furniture you will know that you are buying a quality piece of furniture built to last. 

For example our luxurious Parisian Chaise Longue is coil sprung the whole length and topped with a foam for a comfortable feel and finish this model also has a  beautiful spiral studding detail to each end
which gives it a beautiful distinctive finish unlike some that have copied which look thinner and lack the finishing touches.

At Kingsgate Furniture we pride ourselves in the quality of furniture we produce and are proud to be BIDA award winners for outstanding design so I guess we are the leaders in our field where many have to follow and copy.

We do not have glossy images or fancy shops as all of our time is spent here in our factory in Kent, England working together as a team and many of us are family members we do not employ sales people so you can relax in our hands knowing that we will be able to answer any questions you may have at any stage of your order. 

We do have a factory showroom in Broadstairs, Kent that you are welcome to visit as to see the quality of our products and view the furniture being made.

our opening hours are 
Monday - Friday 
9.30am - 4pm 
Weekends by appointment only

 Kingsgate Furniture are unable to offer price promises as we will not cut corners on our upholstery we want to continue to produce quality pieces of upholstery not mass produce items for a price and miss out components to save money cheapest isn't always best!!

keep a look out for similar models on others website and be warned that these are not the original designs some have even used our photos on their website.

The following pictures are of some models that have recently been copied.

Parisian Chaise Longue Coil Sprung spiral Studding detail 
as shown at Decorex Exhibition London 

Large buttoned Top Pouffee as exhibited at 
Decorex Exhibition London

Large Buttoned Pouffee 

Richmond Chaise Longue in Tiger print leather 


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