About our wing Chairs

The Chesterfield wingback chairs, a traditional style of chair, are probably the most picturesque of furniture pieces due to their distinct style with high back, winged arms and tall legs.
This chair feels most at home in living rooms, executive offices or study rooms but also it has the ability to look great anywhere due to their outstanding style and low space requirements.
The original wingback chairs were first introduced during the Victorian times and were made for a very specific reason and their initial purpose was to keep out the cold. Traditionally placed in front of a fire place, the back and wings and armrests worked as shield to keep the cold drafts out and to keep the heat in. The soft cushioned seat and soft backrest does ensure that the user could sit in the chair for long time without feeling ache and discomfort.
Our authentic leather wingback chairs are made by experienced craftsmen using the finest hardwood for the frame and best quality leather cut from full cow hides. All of our furniture including the wingback chairs made using traditional methods to insure durability and comfort.
Since we make the furniture according to the orders received therefore all the wingback chairs are fully customisable according to your choice of the type and colour of the leather, colour of the wooden parts, buttoning, studding, piping and other details.
Although the production of leather furniture is our main line of production but also we manufacture furniture including wingback chairs in fabrics if preferred by the customers. The customers can supply their own fabrics if they wish so but also we can suggest the fabrics and send samples by the post for approval. If you had the time to visit our showroom situated in our factory we have a large collection of leather and also fabrics which you can choose from.
In our web-site we have classified our wingback chairs within three categories according to their dimensions. The large wingback chairs which are more suitable for a large person, the medium size which are suitable for most people and the small wingback chairs which are more suitable for a petit person. If you do like a model but find its dimension not right for you, we can change the dimensions of most of our models to suit your requirements.


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