History of the Chesterfield Sofa

Chesterfield sofa, this icon of the furniture world was commissioned and named by the fourth Earl of Chesterfield, Philip Stanhope (1694-1773), who was a known trendsetter of his time.

The Earl instructed a furniture maker to construct a leather sofa that its shape and style allowed people to sit upright and formal yet relaxed in a comfortable position.
The Chesterfield became a key piece of furniture during the Victorian era and were often found in the stately homes of the wealthy aristocracy and ever since has been part of interior design and fashion and always maintained a sense of class and tradition.
The design and style of Chesterfield sofa with its low back and distinctive deep buttoned leather upholstery and low seat base stood the test of time and this piece of classic furniture has become effectively timeless, and has not gone out of fashion in almost 300 years.
Throughout time, the Chesterfield sofa has come to represent different things to different people. From homes living rooms to gentleman’s clubs and from trendy wine bars and hotel lobbies to doctors waiting rooms Chesterfield sofas whether a classic leather chesterfield sofa, or a more contemporary fabric Chesterfield,
provides comfort, quality and durability coupled with style, originality and sophistication.


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