Chesterfield Sofa Bed

When Chesterfield sofa were designed three hundred years ago nobody at the time could imagine that one day this beautiful sofa would be fitted with a bed inside but the progress of technology and invention of folded bed actions made this a reality.
Nowadays for people who live in apartments in the city centres with a limited space or people who are looking for a temporary comfortable bed for their overnight guests have the advantage of having a Chesterfield sofa which serves as a elegant and beautiful sofa during the day time and will turn to a comfortable bed at night time.
Our Chesterfield sofa beds are fitted with high quality three fold slated bed and sprung mattress. The Chesterfield 2-seater sofa bed is fitted with a single bed and the 3-seater sofa bed is fitted with a double bed.
We have made various sofa beds for high class hotels and the bed actions that we use are what are used on many high class cruise ships so this gives you some idea of the quality of the bed actions we use.


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