Leather Types

Aniline leather is the most natural looking, with natural surface visible, but is less resistant to soiling does tend to show marks which adds to it natural appearence

Semi-aniline leather is somewhere in-between on both counts, having a light surface coating making it slightly harder wearing than the Full Aniline leather.

Pull-up leather
 A leather with a natural appearance which lightens in colour when stretched giving the leather a natural aged effect which will lighten alot more during wear to produce a unique worn-in effect with time.

Antique Rub Off Leather A special temperary surface colour is added to the colour which is then antiqued (Rubbed off) by hand using a soultion which only removes the top coat which gives the perfect look for a traditional piece of furniture that has a 'worn' appearance. this leather is then lacquered to give it a sealed top coat this is a very hardwaring leather that is easy to look after.


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